Our Dedicated Staff

When you drop by the Shop, here are some of the folks you'll likely see:

philPhil - Owner

phil"What doesn't kill you will make you stronger..." Growing up with freckles, red hair, bucked teeth and thick glasses (see photo)...the Phil of today is very strong indeed. In Earlier Times he would have been drowned at birth by the Village Elders. He loves it when Willie sings: "...there ain't no need in y'all to pick on me this way..."

Phil is probably the laziest person ever, and yet, he's not at all afraid to work. This explains the fact that he's almost always at the Cheese Shop. He likes to untangle the hopelessly entangled and he can therefore almost always solve the "Piano Puzzler" on NPR. His personality has largely been shaped by the fact that "you can run, but you can't hide."

He sometimes describes the Cheese Shop as an "apple cart" or "a house of cards."But he always sleeps like a baby (he wakes up every two hours and cries). He is definitely Wise beyond his Ears.


juliaIf you can do two things at once, Julia can do twenty. If she's ever been nervous or scared; if she's ever been hesitant or reluctant; if she's ever been lazy or unaware; if she's ever been self-centered or inconsiderate; if she's ever been tired or sad; if she's ever been incompetent or boring; if she's ever been unpolished or unwilling; (this list could go on for quite a while...)
---well, we've never seen that side of her. She is truly GOLDEN. the Cheese Shop is definitely LUCKEEEE. She has real Panache, but she will leave any room if she sees somebody with a camera.


geraldineGeraldine is smart enough to know that "there's a whole 'nuther World outside of La Jolla." You'd better HOPE that Geraldine is the person you get to talk to at the Cheese Shop.

There's not a lot of Geraldine-types in this world - in fact, probably none at all. She's quite the little whipper-snapper. In Skip Rope, for example, you would definitely end up pointing at "G" when you sing: "...my-Momma-told-me-to-pick-the-very-best-one-and-I---Pick-YOU!!!"


elisaElisa works hard but plays harder - especially if the surf if good. She is an extraordinary "Team Player" and can naturally see "The Big Picture." Elisa will easily lead Team Cheese to victory, but she won't suffer fools gladly. Elisa is ALWAYS on her "A-Game" and everybody else had better be also. The Cheese Team often encounters the "Sea of Humanity," and "E" will be the first to remind you that she likes "the Sea part of that statement." She really likes those Gummi Fish of Sweden.


denaIf Dena is on the schedule, it'll be a smooth day and Phil should probably stay home. She has already earned a Golden Bed in Heaven, a nice Yacht with no more payments, and a big Hammock in the shady part of the forest between two lovely trees. Not to mention free Oatmeals for Life. She's the perfect Cheeseshopper because she has a hankerin' for Hank,and a penchant for Patsy. You can tell that all that readin' and a writin' done some good. She can also core a whole case of tomatoes in less than 3 minutes...


Kim was an important part of Cheese History for over 12 years! Phil remembers her as "all fingernails and pepper spray." She was last seen heading North on the 15. She won't be away for long, though, and when Natalie and Mia are old enough to enter the work force, they'll have Kim as both a Mom AND a boss!

Kim knows that it takes a Genius to design and maintain a system that can (and probably should) be run by Idiots. When Kim accomplishes that, we can all just sit around. The Lazy-Boy has already been ordered.


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